Primary I'm a portrait (amateur) photographer. My portrait style has also had some influence on the way I take photos of fish. And it helps a lot to find the right crop and arrange a suitable light situation that emphazises the character and beauty of each fish. It took a few weeks to adapt my experience in portrait photograpy to the fish photograpy and I'm still learning each day ;-) . In some points both portrait and fish photography are very different, especially how to use strobe lights and how to avoid too strong reflections from fish, gravel, window, glass, your white t-shirt, etc...

Btw...I'm not keeping all those fish (at the moment ). Currently in my tanks live :

Iriatherina werneri, M. praecox, Peseudomugil signifer, P. gertrudae, P. furcatus, Rhadinocentrus ornatus

All photos copyright by Bernd Jung !!!

Iriatherina Werneri
Rhadinocentrus ornatus

© 2007 Bernd Jung

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