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  • 01.06. - 25 L tank : 30% waterchange, KH 2°, GH 4°, pH around 7.0, 28° C.
    There are some little fish that are much bigger and faster than the others. Since there is a shimmer on their body I don't think anymore they are P. signifer. I guess they're M. praecox fry ;-) swimming MUCH faster than the rest. Must be some of the little fish I caught at the 240 L show tank.
  • outdoor tub :  KH 2°, GH 4°, pH around 6.8, 26-29° C.
    Everything looks fine, temperatur in the tub is at least 26° C although we have only 14° C. now. At night it goes down to 8° C. Without heater I couldn't keep the fry in the tub under this circumstances but it's worth it. They are growing very nice.

  • 03.06. - 25 L tank : waterchanges around 25-30% daily, same parameters, 29° C.
    Everything is the same, theyre grower fast that the fry in the tub but they are growing and still alive.
  • outdoor tub :  KH 2°, pH around 6.8, 30° C.
    The fry in the tub are bigger, darker and swimming much faster than the fry in the small tank. I'm still not sure if I should put all fry into the tub. The only thought that stops me doing this is that something strange could happen to the tub (too hot, not enought oxygen, etc...) while I'm on my way for some days. Then I wouldn't be able to raise any fry at all. Therefore I will go on raising the I. werneri parallel....tub and tank.

  • 07.06. - 25 L tank : waterchange 30%, 29° C.
    There are less little fish in the tank which means only a part will survive.
  • outdoor tub : 29-33° C., depending on sunshine.
    The fish in the tub are still growing quite fast. All are very active and dark coloured and I think most of the fry I've put into the tub are still alive. I guess the biggest ones are about 14-15 mm ! So I made the decision to keep ALL fry in the tub. I don't have the time to culture and feed infusoria, so I think the best way to raise fry for me is to keep them in the tub.

  • 10.06. - outdoor tub : waterchange 20%, KH 2°, pH around 7.0, 28-32° C
    I started feeding newly hatched brine shrimp and installed my Nauplistar in the tank to feed them permanently. Additionally I feed them with Cyclop eeze and the very small fry with Sera micron. I've collected mosquito eggs from another tub which I've put into the breeding tub. So they will have a lot of live food permanently available.

  • 05.07. - 112 L tank
    Four weeks ago I've set up a 80 cm /112 L tank. I removed 30 little werneri from the tub to that tank so far and some more will follow as soon as they are big enough. The biggest fellows reached 20 mm which seems to be quite big for six weeks old Threadfins.
    They are growing very well with  newly hatched brine shrimp, Sera micron and Cyclop Eeze.
    I removed the Nauplistar from the tub because it was covered with algae in a short time and didn't work any more. In the 112 L tank it will be a perfect feeding tool.
  • outdoor tub
    The fish in the tub don't grow as fast as the first ones because it became colder. Temperature in the tub is about 27° C. although I'm using a heater. It became cold again and we have around 24° C. I believe that my fry have grown so fast because temperature in the tub was above 30° C. for the first four weeks (somtimes 32 - 35° C.). If possible I'll keep temperature at 32° C. for the first four weeks in the future.

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13 days old fry

6 weeks old
6 weeks old


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