DAY 11-13
  • 27.05. - 54 L tank : 25% waterchange, KH 3°, GH 7°, pH 6.0, 28° C.
    GH increased, maybe that's a result of putting the stones into the tank. I'll watch this. Today I've put the last couple of Iriatherina wernerin from my show tank into the 54 L tank. Now here live 4 males and 7 females.
  • 25 L tank : 30% waterchange, KH 3°, GH 4°, pH 6.3 morning, 7.5 evening, 28° C.
    Yesterday I found some fry in my 240 L show tank. I was successful in catching 13 of them which I put to the Iriatherina werneri fry. I've no idea if they are werneri, too or Pseudomugil signifer. We'll see....
    Counting all fry is impossible but I gues there are at least 80 tiny fish now. Regarding different hatching times, different sizes are already visible. So they're not only alive but growing well ;-) Still fingers crossed !
  • outdoor tub : KH 3°, pH 7.5, 28° C.
    As I wrote earlier some eggs of Tanichtys albonubes got into the tub. I think with some swimming plants from another tub where I keep the T. albonubes . Well...they're growing pretty fast without extra feeding. I moved them to another tub today.
    I'll give it a try to raise 25 of my I. werneri fry in the tub. It looks like there's a lot of plancton inside. There are a least 50 little werneri left in the 25 L tank. I'm extremely curious how they will develop compared with the fry in the 25 L tank.

  • 28.05. - 54 L tank : KH 3°, pH 7.0, 28° C.
    I will now stop reporting about the 54 L tank because this breeding project has finished for this tank now. The Iriatherina werneri will stay in this tank until a new 80 cm tank is set up. I made the decision to buy two 80 X 40 X 40 cm tanks tomorrow. They will be heavily planted tanks and I will take a lot of time to design the two tanks and find the right plants.
  • 25 L tank : waterchange 30%, 3° KH, pH 7.5, 28° C.
    I'ts impossible to count all the little fish inside the tank but meanwhile I'd bat that there are more than 100 !! Nothing new to report about this tank. All are eating, growing and I can't see any dead fish on the bottom of the tank. It's working prefectly so far. The little fish are just three days old and I thought they have been living here at least for one week ;-) I'm not sure how many days werneri eggs need until fry hatch but it's possible that the number of little fish will still increase the next days.
  • outdoor tub : 26° C.
    Our weather/temperature changed totally over night from 30° C. down to 12° C. This morning we had rain and fog...two days ago it was hot like summer.
    Yesterday evening I've put the big heater from my show tank into the outdoor tub to keep water temperature at least at 26° C although it was below 10° C. outside last night. Brillant idea because the fry are doing well this morning and temperature in the tub is still 26° C.
    It would have been a pity loosing 25 little fish because of a stupid weather change. I add some sera micron 2 times a day as some additional food. I only want to be 100% sure ;-))

  • 29.05. - 25 L tank : 30% waterchange, KH 3°, pH 7.0, 29° C.
    Nothing very exciting has happened, everything is working fine.
  •  outdoor tub : waterchange 30%, 21° C
    It has become quite cold and temperature doesn't climb higher than 10° C. We have nasty rainy weather. Therefore the water in the outdoor tube hasn't become warmer than 21° C. at night. The little I. werneri are swimming at the area where one of the heaters is mounted because it's much warmer there. Clever little fish ;-) I'm feeding still additional because I don'tknow what kind of plancton is living or not at those temperaturs without sunlight.
  • 30.05. - 25 L tank : waterchange 30%
    Everything is working fine, no dramatic news
  • 0utdoor tub : 26-30° C
    Weather changed again, now we've about 20° C. and the temperature in the tub is o.k.
    As far as I can see most of the fry survived and have grown a little bit. I think I will extend this experiment and put 25 more I. werneri fry into the tub. The Tanichthys albonubes always developed great in the tub without additional food but they don't have problems with low temperature. So why shouldn't the I. werneri develop the same if temperature is at least 24-26° C. ???

  • 31.05. - 25 L tank : waterchange 30%
    I've noticed that there are big differences in fry size. Maybe this is due different age or the fry I caught out of the show tank were P. signifer. I'll keep an eye on this because my feeling is they are Pseudomugil signifer. They look a little bit different, are bigger and much faster and....there are not many of that size in the tank....
  • outdoor tub : 28 - 32° C.
    I've put about 55 more I werneri fry into the outdoor tub, now there are in total 80 in the tub. I'm very confident that they will grow well !The fry I put into the tub 4 days ago (!!) are much bigger and darker than the ones I keep in the 25 L tank. They seem to swim in in the middle of their food permanently. If they go on developing like this in the tub, I will only keep about 30 in the 25 L tank and put all the rest into the outdoor tub. That will be an interesting comparison and I'm extremly curious how big both groups of fish will be in 2 or 3 weeks ! Btw...There are still at least about 60 little fish in the 25 L tank which means there are about 140 little fish in both, tub and tank. I'm afraid that there will still be 60 in the tank after putting 30 again into the tub ;-))))))



I. werneri fry
(4 mm)
I. werneri fry
(4 mm)

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