DAY 1-5
  • 17.05. - 54 L tank : 50% waterchange, KH 2°, GH 5°, pH 6,5, 26° C.
    I've put 2 male and 6 female Iriatherina werneri into the breeding tank. The males started displaying after 30 minutes, 10 minutes later all started eating. I feed them newly hatched brine shrimp and cyclop eeze.
    Unfortunately one male jumped off the tank in the evening. After 10 seconds I put him back and my first impression was that he had really big luck !
    Tomorrow I will cover the tank and increase temperature up to 28° C.

  • 18.05. - 54 L tank : 25% waterchange, KH 2°, GH 5°, pH 6,5, 28° C.
    I've put a cover on the tank in the morning to avoid loosing more fish by jumping. The males show colour that I've never seen in my show tank before. Very awesome !!
    The behaviour is very different compared with the behaviour they showed in the show tank where they lived together with larger fishes. It's a big pleasure to watch them and now I understand why many people recommend to keep them alone in a tank. Due to strongly increasing temperatures (like summer), temperature in the tank already reached 30° C. today.

  • 19.05. - 54 L tank : 25% waterchange, KH 2°, GH 5°, pH 7,0, 29°-30° C.
    The male I. werneris still try to get the females to the moss permanently. As far as I can see without success until now but I'm not living in front of the tank 24 h a day ;-) In the moss I couldn't recognize any eggs. Temperature now is 29° C in the morning and 30° C. in the evening. I'm still feeding a lot of brine shrimps and all eat very well.
  • outdoor tub : fertilizer
    I've set up a round 150 L outdoor tub which is only 30 cm high on our balcony. It's not possible in the garden because our children and dogs would surely do a lot of nonsense...
    I filled the tub with water from tanks and some liters from another outdoor tub with a lot of green water. For the rest I used water prepared by an ion exchanger which I always use when doing a waterchange at my tanks.
    I have swimming plants in the tub : Eichhornia crassipes and Pistia stratiotes.
    Plants in pots : Typha minima, Hippuris vulgaris, Iris versicolor blue. I think I will add some Myriophyllum later and moss if the Threadfins have laid eggs.

  • 20.05. - 54 L tank : 25% waterchange, KH 2°, GH 5°, pH 7,5, 30° C.
    A male died and all other I. werneri look great. I don't know if it was the one who jumped off the tank 3 days ago or if the other male was too aggressive. I coudn't find any visible injuries or anything that looked strange except he's dead. The only male is hassling the females very strongly. He looks a little bit aggressive. For this reason I've put two more males into the tank. This will give the females some time to rest while the guys are sparring.
    Due to high pH value, I will install BIO CO2 tomorrow to reduce pH down to 6,5. One problem is that I used rainwater for the waterchange today which I mixed with tap water to reach KH 2°. Usually I use water that was prepared with my ion exchanger and mix this water with tap water. The result of the last method is soft water with low pH. Well....no day without learning !
    Tomorrow I will take some photos of the wonderful coloured males and add some photos of tank, fish and tub to this diary.
  • outdoor tub
    Water temperature was 32° C. yesterday evening, this morning it was 16° C. A little bit cold for tropical fish fry. I've installed a 75 W Jaeger heater to keep temperature at least at 26° C. I also installed a small external filter filled with Zeolith. I hope slow current will avoid temperature increase above 30° C on hot days.

  • 21.05. - 54 L tank : 25% waterchange, KH 2°, pH 7,0, 30° C.
    pH value reduced a little because I used the water from my ion exchanger this time.
    Bio CO2 production hasn't started yet but I think this will happen this evening and pH should be around 6,5 tomorrow.
    In the morning I found some I. werneri females with a golden stripe from their mouth over the neck. I've never heard about this and until now I thought this was a sign of mating males. Maybe this is a sign of sexual matuarity or being ready to lay eggs ??? Perhaps somebody reading this has experienced the same before ? I would appreciate some feedback very much !
    The biggest of the three males is very dominant agains males and females. I'll watch him and probably put him back into the bigger tank if he doesn't change his behaviour till tomorrow.
    This evening I found something in the moss that looked (in my inexperienced) eyes like an egg. I'll have a detailed look tomorrow.
    I took some photos of the female I. werneris in the evening. Colour becomes more intensive day by day. They're looking great ! On the third photo on this page there are two sparring females. I've never seen this before. They look a little bit like male P. signifers from Harvey Creek ;-)
    Today I ordered O.S.I.micro food. Hopefully I will have the same success with it like Adrian Tappin who recommended this food for raising fry.
  • outside tub
    Although using a heater, water temperature was only 16° C. this morning. Unfortunately the same as yesterday without using a heater. I've to test the heater. When it's o.k. then it's not strong enough for our cold nights but not a single degree more the whole night? I can't imagine that.




female I. werneri
female I. werneri

female I. werneri
female I. werneri

sparring female Iriatherina werneri
sparring females

150L outdoor tub

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